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Nooby’s was birthed out of a compassion for animals, as well as a desire to do something about what we saw as a legitimate void in the pet market.

Being the true dog lovers that we are, (Nooby is the actual name of one of the founders dogs!), our company came together as a labor of love and our desire to help animals. That’s the real engine that keeps this thing going.  
Half a decade ago Nooby’s started out like so many other entrepreneurial ventures; a driven person with an idea doing something about a gap in the market. In this particular instance, it had to do with the way people dressed and protected their pets from outside elements. 

While walking his dog on a random rainy San Diego morning, our founder came up with the concept of disposable dog booties, rooted in an effort to eliminate dirty floors and soiled towels, while adding some precious minutes to his already hectic day-to-day. 

From there Team Nooby’s went into the R & D phase and began the creation process – working on a disposable dog bootie that could be reused and recycled and one that would work for both pet owners aiming for clean floors and healthy paws, as well as veterinarians needing a better post-op solution for their patients. 

Nooby’s Disposable Dog Booties made their retail debut in 2006, after being named one of ten Best New Products at the annual Global Pet Expo. Available online or through your neighborhood store and big box retailer, we’d solved the problem regarding eliminating dirty paws and dirty floors in a low cost, convenient and eco friendly way, but that was only half the battle. 

Making this product available to every veterinarian and all recovering post op dogs worldwide; that has become the ultimate goal for us at Nooby’s.  Especially after learning how limiting the options are regarding protecting bandages, splints and casts of dogs recovering from standard procedures. 
Much time was spent in the R&D phase, both talking with veterinarians and with our suppliers in an effort to design an industry-changing product. We now feel that we finally have the product with Nooby’s Veterinary Sleeve and Bootie system. Two separate pieces that cover the middle-to-upper portion of the leg and / or the paw, if necessary. 

Our disposable/reusable option is night and day from the heavy, thick, high-priced, full-leg boots currently available and the vets we’re currently working with completely agree. 

We hope you’ll try the Nooby’s Veterinary Sleeve and Bootie system in your clinic and would love to answer any questions you may have about the product or process.
INFO@NOOBYS.COM OR 619.425.8641