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Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: If we haven’t specifically answered your question, please email it to us at so we can answer and add to our FAQ section. Click here for our return policy and disclaimer.

What makes Nooby’s Booties and Protective Sleeves unique?

Nooby’s Booties and Protective Sleeves are a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind product, created to fill a void in the pet care industry. Unlike other protective pet wear items available, our separate Booties and Sleeves are designed to work as a system (protecting the full leg and paw area) or as individual components. The end result allows the veterinarian or dog owner to cover and protect the affected lower and/or upper part of the dog’s leg.

Nooby’s patented design facilitates the process of applying / removing both booties and sleeves, unlike other commonly used products such as old IV bags and duct tape.

Nooby’s has created a new, low-cost solution to a very common problem both veterinarians and dog owners face post-procedure and during the rehabilitation process. Our products work equally as well in the veterinarian office as they do at home when in the hands of a knowledgeable pet owner. Our convenient, cost-effective process gives dog owners the ability to give their pet proper care during home recovery and because of this, healing complications are less likely.


How do Nooby’s Booties and Protective Sleeves work?

In a word; simply. Nooby’s products are made from strong, durable, anti-skid and waterproof material. Our Booties and Sleeves are designed to facilitate the healing process by offering protection to your dog’s bandage, cast, splint and sutures from dirt, dust, rain, slush, chemicals, urine and other outside elements that could cause infection or irritation.

Our Booties and Sleeves are designed to be used for short periods of time (up to an hour) while your pet is outdoors. The reason for the time period is to ensure that moisture doesn’t build up inside, resulting in a damp bandage or compromising the splint. Remember that wet bandages should never remain on for more than a 24 hour period. Should this occur, please take your dog to the vet for a proper rewrap.


How are Nooby’s Booties and Protective Sleeves an important part of the rehabilitation process?

Nooby’s Booties and Sleeves were created to work in tandem with the post-op care your dog receives at the veterinarian office as well as at home. Both products are a very important tool in following through on veterinary treatments. By providing the dog owner with packets of booties and sleeves post procedure, you’re facilitating a speedy recovery by enabling the dog owner to keep the bandage, splint or cast dry at all times. This reduces the risk of infection and the need for re wraps as wet bandages can cause serious problems.


How many times can a Protective Bootie and / or sleeve be used?

Nooby’s Booties and Sleeves are disposable, recyclable AND reusable, though repetitive usage is dependent upon outside conditions and the length of time your dog is outside. Under optimum conditions, pet owners can get multiple uses out of both the Booties and Sleeves, reducing the cost per use.


How easy is it to apply Nooby’s Booties and Protective Sleeves?

Extremely easy! For starters, thanks to a variety of sizes, you can custom-fit the proper Bootie or Sleeve to your dog’s specific needs. We’ve also designed our Booties to have a wider opening at the top, for easy application while our Sleeves feature a wider elastic opening at both the top and bottom for convenience when slipping over a bandage, splint or cast. This helps keep the Bootie or Sleeve in place while attending to the rest of the wound before securing.


Can Nooby’s Booties and Protective Sleeves be used on other animals?

Absolutely. While Nooby’s Booties and Sleeves were created for dogs (by avid dog owners and lovers), our products can be used on other animals. We have a variety of sizes tailor made to accommodate any splint, bandage or cast. For example, our smallest Bootie (XXS) will fit over a cat’s paw while the next size up (XS) can be used on a larger cat or a rabbit.



Use of Nooby’s products needs to be coordinated with the course of treatment for your pet recommended by your veterinary professional. Supervision of your pet is recommended at all times. Dogs use their paws as a cooling system so please monitor your dog for discomfort and remove the bootie if necessary. Recommended wear time is 45 minutes or less. If the material of the bootie and/or sleeve is compromised, remove immediately and replace with another bootie and/or sleeve.

Use of Nooby’s products is at the sole risk of the user. In no event shall Rotano International LLC be liable to any user of Nooby’s products or any party claiming through any user for any damages whatever, including incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of Nooby’s products, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In the event of breach of warranty or damages actually caused by use of Nooby’s products in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, the sole and maximum liability of Rotano International LLC and any distributor in connection with use of Nooby’s products shall be replacement of the product or, at the election of Rotano International, refund of the purchase price. Booties and Sleeves are manufactured in China and assembled in the USA.

Return Policy
Returns and/or refunds are at the sole discretion of Rotano International LLC. In order for a product to be considered for return and or refund, Rotano International LLC must be contacted within 30 days of client's receipt of order and prior to return of product. Returns will be charged a 20% return/restocking fee, shipping costs are non-refundable, and client is responsible for all return shipping costs. Nooby’s products must be returned in original packaging in order for a refund to be considered.

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