NOOBY'S PPE Leather Primate Catch Glove

    • Excellent protection against bites, scratches and lacerations.
    • Hand: High Dexterity and Flexibility, allowing for proper and safe restraint techniques.
    • Upper arm/sleeve: Unique split seam shoulder length design prevents any roll down, providing full arm protection and allowing for greater movement when bending your arm.
    • Stitching: Non-exposed stitching provides protection against snagging. High strength seam construction allows for added durability and strength.
    • Inner Liner:  Fleeced poly cotton liner for added insulation, sweat absorption and comfort.

    Nooby's work gloves are designed for trained professionals (Research lab technicians/Veterinarians/Animal handlers, etc) and are suitable for working with small primates within LAT (Lab Animal Research) facilities.

    Nooby's Premium Leather Primate Catch Gloves are manufactured using a proprietary leather tanning process with top grain sueded split leather for the HAND and full grain, scratch resistant hide for the UPPER ARM and sleeve.

    Out Made in the USA gloves are rigorously tested under stringent process controls to ensure that each glove meets exacting quality standards and performs to specifications.


    Catch Glove

    Length (A) 25.5"
    One size fits all Left Hand NBCG-OFA-LH 50 gloves
    One size fits all Right Hand NGCB-OFA-RH 50 gloves
    One size fits all - PAIR NGCG-OFA-PAIR 50 gloves


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    Caution: These gloves are associated materials are not suitable for use in some environments. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the level of risk in a particular situation and proper personal protective equipment should be used for that application. Contact Rotano International LLC for fabric safety data. The application of these products is out of Rotano International's control. Therefore, Rotano International makes no warranties, expressed or implied and assumes no liability as to the performance of these products for a particular use.